Same Crash, Same Street … Still No Action

Yet another crash has left a car totalled on Arkansas Avenue, just a block away from where Kelly Dillon was struck almost exactly a year ago. She spend months in the hospital and almost lost her foot.

In Kelly’s crash, she had the great misfortune of standing in between her own car and the car that was struck. Thankfully, no neighbors were injured in this most recent crash. But the fact that this has happened AGAIN shows the ongoing danger of the Arkansas Avenue high-speed corridor.

Here’s a description of what happened from David and Leilah, who live on the 4500 block of Arkansas Ave:

There was yet another crash on the 4500 block of Arkansas Avenue last night. Our neighbor’s car was crashed into by an SUV, pushed 20+ feet off the curb onto the sidewalk and ultimately into a tree.

The SUV that caused the crash fled the scene leaving debris all over the street and police took over an hour to respond to the 911 call. When they did, they were unable to run the license plate due to a broken computer.

This is the latest in an ongoing pattern of crashes on our street made possible by unsafe traffic conditions, which was covered extensively in the news this spring and summer. DDOT made safety recommendations which have not been implemented, and the city has refused to eliminate the rush hour lane which encourages speeding on our residential street. We have been given no support in resolving this issue.

The family whose car was totaled last night has two young kids, and there have been others who’ve been gravely injured.

Photos of the neighbor’s car that was struck are below. Thank goodness that nobody was walking nearby at the time.

Are you tired of crashes like this that endanger people in the District of Columbia? Join All Walks DC to speak for a safer, more walkable DC. 

Arkansas Avenue Crash-3

This Prius belongs to a neighbor who lives on Arkansas Avenue. Their car was parked on Arkansas Avenue overnight.

Arkansas Avenue Crash-3
The force of the crash totalled the car and pushed it up onto the sidewalk into a tree.

Arkansas Avenue Crash-3

The neighbor’s car was crushed both in the back – where it was struck by the driver who fled the scene – and in the front – where the car was pushed into a tree.  

Arkansas Avenue Crash-4

Arkansas Avenue Crash-5


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