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Have you had an unsafe experience on Arkansas Avenue that you’d like to share? Together, our voices can make a difference. Share your story below.


2 thoughts on “Share your story

  1. Every morning during rush hour… some southbound travelers on Arkansas determine that they may encounter a red light at 14th St and Arkansas. In an effort to avoid this red light, they take a right onto Webster (only 1/8th of a block long – adjacent to El Don Restaurant) and then bully a left onto an already crowded 14th St southbound….. so they can make a right and get back onto Arkansas …… and avoid that red light.
    There is a bus stop involved in this intersection, not to mention numerous pedestrians and school children. While this action may not, technically, be illegal as signed, it is not in the interest of public safety. Call me at 202-906-0133 to discuss!
    Thanks for this forum to discuss.
    Patrick Garvin
    Decatur St NW

  2. I have witnessed innumerable acts of driving aggression, hostility, illegal passing over the double yellow line, horns, speeding, and just general inconsiderate and hostile driving down Arkansas Ave over the last 10 years since I moved to the neighborhood. In fact, if I have any other option I will avoid the Arkansas corridor due to the warlike battle I will have to endure just getting home….jockeying for first place at the lights, passing each other to squeeze in front and then peel out before the light even turns green, using that little stretch of Varnum to make a quick right-left and avoid stopping at the light at 14th St. But the WORST is trying to ride a bike down Arkansas. It’s a death wish. Cars pass way too close, speed, honk, NEVER ride a bike down Arkansas – take Kansas it’s much safer.

    We use the Upshur pool, take the kids to the playground, Arkansas Ave is our route to Grandma’s house in Adams Morgan and I could even use it to commute on my bike if it were less hostile and dangerous.

    Please fix Arkansas Ave! Let people street-park all day, don’t open up the rush hour lanes, add a bike lane! Add more 4-way stops! Make it a neighborhood road like Kansas. In fact, just go over to Kansas and REPLICATE what you did there.

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